The dress seen ’round the world…

Haley CurfmanI can’t even begin to express how surreal the past few years have been for me. This is literally “the dress seen ’round the world” and yelp, it belongs to me. A fabulous, one of kind creation, that features the artwork and kind messages drawn by my little 2nd graders.

Did I plan on it going viral?
How could I?

Would I change it?
Absolutely not!

Because nothing has been greater than being able to connect with so many fabulous educators.

Sure, things have been a little more hectic than normal, but that’s okay. It’s all been worth it. I’ve met a lot of amazing people and have added a lot of inspirational folks to my resource list. Isn’t that all we teachers really want? To be linked to other teachers (and creative people) that understand our woes, our struggles… Our need to have a conversation with someone over 3 ft. tall? LOL! The “teacher life” is fun, but exhausting; definitely a calling and NOT for the weak!

In 2018, I did this class project and I posted it to Facebook and it garnered 300ish or so likes, which I thought was pretty great. The next year, I did the same project with my new class, posted a picture to FB and in a few days it also had 300ish or so likes, cool! But, I went to bed on that 4th night and woke up to over 100K likes and comments and it’s continued to grow from there. Now over 377K! Crazy, I know!

There is no way I could properly thank everyone that has taken the time to share their own stories and photos with me, and post kudos, but, I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate the kindness that has been poured my way.

To those that have used their amazing talents to write stories, conduct interviews, and create videos about my adventures in teaching… You’re the real MVP’s, and I really don’t know how I got so lucky, but will forever be grateful for your time and consideration you’ve given me! THANK YOU!

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