Haley CurfmanThank you for letting me share a little bit of my life with you. If you’re a teacher, I bet you’ll find my life is a lot like yours; fast-paced, chaotic, messy, organized, unorganized, and sometimes a little sticky for no apparent reason. There are days I want to cry, days I want to scream, but the majority of the days my heart is overfilled with love for my students and pure happiness in the job I get to call mine.

This project all started with the quintessential “First Day of School” picture, a spoof off the norm. I left for my first day feeling wide-eyed and spry, eager to tackle my day, but it was the end of the day feeling we captured in that first photo that so many teachers related to, when I posted it, comments and words of encouragement filled my page and inbox. I received so much compassion and support from my community (and the teacher community), it was amazing, and gave energy to my weary soul.

My photos became a funny way I could document my first year as a teacher and share the antics that make up my every day. Class parties, holidays, spring fever, school breaks, snow days; the ideas have just kept flowing. Let’s face it, I have an abundance of inspiration at hand every single day. So, with all my new experiences, experiences shared with me from other teachers, and my mom’s keen eye for detail (she’s the photographer and the prop gal) we’ve continued to create different scenes throughout this past two years.

My calendar is a collection of all those over-the-top silly photos. Nothing can ever prepare you for those moments. Teaching is not for the faint-of-heart or the weak, it’s tough, tiresome and you’ll find yourself at least once a week wondering just what did you get yourself into, but OOOHH, the rewards! Seeing a child learn, making a difference in a wee person’s life, teaching just one student something new… Those moments make it all worth it!

What I’ve learned in doing this is, it’s just not my crazy life, or the crazy life of a new teacher. Sure, I have things to learn, but the stories that have been shared with me on this journey are overwhelmingly similar. Whether I’m talking to a 5, 10 or 20 year teacher, an elementary, middle or high school teacher, or a parent, we all relate. That in it of itself has given me comfort… It’s not just me (sigh of relief)! We all feel like we are going to lose our minds from time to time, lol, and that’s okay. We ARE normal!

So, take a deep breath, I feel you, I got your back, I’m here… We are all in this crazy profession together, and maybe if nothing else, you will get a little laugh from my journey.